• Our research group meets weekly on Wed 12:00pm in GP 4211.
  • If you are interested in joining our research group, please contact Dr. Butt.


Old news!
[MASCOTS'15] Ali is serving as the General Chair for MASCOTS'15. Consider submitting a paper

[Funding] DSSL and Chao Wang receive an NSF award for developing online prediction based resource management

[Funding] SCAPE and DSSL receive an NSF award for exploiting slowdowns for speedup in power-scalable systems

[Cluster'14] paper on supporting Hadoop applications on microservers

[MASCOTS'14] Paper on Hadoop workflow scheduling

[HPDC'14] Paper on performance tuning for MapReduce

[CCGrid'14] Paper on managing heterogeneous storage in Hadoop

[COE Fellowship'13] Ali is named a VT COE Faculty Fellow

[JPDC'13] Paper on reducing energy-mangement delays in disks

[TPDS'12] Paper on timely input data staging for HPC centers

[MASCOTS'12] Papers on cooperative deduplication for data centers, and GPU-based RAID

[HPDC'12] Paper on resource management for MapReduce in the cloud

[CRA-CMW'12] Ali is a speaker at the CRA Career Mentoring Workshop (Presentation slide)

[IBM Fellowship'12] Min Li is a recipient of a 2012 IBM PhD Fellowship. Congratulations!!

[MBEC'12] Paper on real-time detetion of biological molecules using GPUs

[IPDPS'12] Paper on using Hadoop for subgraph analysis in massive graphs

[ACM] Ali is now an ACM Senior Member

[Cluster'11] Paper on QoS-aware scheduling for heterogeneous clusters

[MASCOTS'11] Paper on synthesizing traces for Hadoop simulations

[Funding] Ali receives a NetApp Faculty Fellowship

[ERSS'11] Ali is organizing the Workshop on Energy Consumption and Reliability of Storage Systems (ERSS)

[TPDS] Paper on HPC data offloading

[IGCC'11] Paper on power management of heterogeneous clusters

[ICDCS'11] Paper on multi-tiered data staging for HPC

[IPDPS'11] Paper on cloud-based HPC data transfer service

[JSS] Paper on reusable software components for hybrid clusters

[JPDC] Paper on capability-aware framework for using accelerators in data-intensive computing

[Funding] DSSL receives an NSF Data Intensive Computing award for investigating the interactions between energy savings and reliability improvements in disks

[Funding] DSSL receives an NSF CSR award for applying the Cloud Computing model to HPC, especially for clusters comprising CELL/GPUs etc.

[SC'10] Paper on end-to-end app performance on multi-cores

[NAE US FOE'10] Ali is organizing a session on Cloud Computing

[IGCC'10] Paper on disk energy latency

[IEEE] Ali elevated to IEEE Senior Member

[CCGRID'10] Paper on accelerator-based clusters

[IPDPS'10] Paper on just-in-time data staging

[Funding] Ali receives an IBM SUR Award

[MASCOTS'09] Guanying wins Best Paper Award

[NAE US FOE'09] Ali selected to participate as one of nation's promising young engineers

[MASCOTS'09] Paper on Hadoop Simulation, Poster on disk energy management

[ICS'09] Paper on HPC Scratch Cache

[OSR'09, IPDPS'09] Paper on MapReduce for Cell

[HotPower'08] Paper on impact of disk scrubbing on energy savings

[Funding] Ali receives an IBM Faculty Award

[SC'08 PDS-Workshop] Paper on data staging for supercomputing jobs

[ICS'08] Paper on data offloading in HPC centers

[Funding] Ali receives an NSF CAREER award

[CF'08] Paper on I/O techniques for CELL/BE

[IPDPS'08] Paper on using contributory storage in grids
[FAST'08] Posters on CELL I/O and ReplayCache
[SC'07 PDS-Workshop] Paper on Data management for HPC centers

[HiPC'07] Poster on supporting Disconnected Operation in Grid environments

[HPDC'07] Short paper on PeerStripe: P2P-based large-file storage

[August 2006] DSSL is born!


Our research group is interested in exploring the design, development, and evaluation of next-generation storage and file systems. Specifically, our research focuses on tailoring these systems for the growing data demands of modern high-end computing applications running on existing as well as emerging multicore architectures. To this end, we aim for innovation in systems that range from large-scale distributed setups to specialized kernel-level optimizations.

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Inquiries or correspondence should be sent to:

Ali R. Butt
Professor of Computer Science & ECE (by Courtesy)
Virginia Tech
Address: 220 Gilbert Place, Blacksburg, Virginia 24061
Office: 4210 GP
Phone: (540) 231-0489
Email: butta AATT